GreenFolders Provides Security Tool for Messages and Files

March 22, 2011

GreenFolders announced the availability of GreenFolders Communicator, a secure communications tool that enables GreenFolders users to easily send secure messages and files to their customers and clients directly from within the GreenFolders office management system.

GreenFolders Communicator leverages the security, control capabilities and unique features of Sendside’s communication platform to provide a capable, secure, yet easy-to-use system for organizations needing to send important messages and documents to parties “outside the firewall.” The power of Sendside is now integrated into the GreenFolders office management system.

“Our customers have been asking for an easy way to do three things,” said Dan Iorg, GreenFolders’ chief technical officer. “First, they need an effective way for staff members to share client files electronically with their customers. Second, they must protect their customers’ privacy, and third, they have to maintain compliance both with electronic data laws and the new wave of electronic communications laws that are sweeping across the nation.”

According to Iorg, GreenFolders developed GreenFolders Communicator to fill all three needs with minimum hassle and maximum security.

“Security experts tell us that something like 70 percent of all office employees who work with private customer information have inadvertently exposed that information by sending it to others in insecure ways,” said Mike Kirby, president and CEO of GreenFolders.

Companies simply need better tools, he said.

Every day, office workers face the daunting task of working with sensitive data without exposing their customers to hackers and identity thieves. At the same time — whether they are aware of it or not — these same workers are required to comply with a raft of regulations that seems to change every other week. “With GreenFolders Communicator,” Kirby said. “We have delivered on the mandate of ease of use for the user, privacy protection for the client, and compliance for the business.”

GreenFolders Communicator allows users to share any content of a file — notes, documents, tasks, status reports, data, updates and more — by simply creating a message. Sending a secure message is as easy as sending an e-mail, but 100 percent secure. A powerful aspect of GreenFolders Communicator is the ability to send rich, interactive content, and not just static messages and attachments. Senders can embed forms, applications, video as well as images and documents.

Messages can be sent using pre-built and custom-branded templates, a real boon to those who need to communicate frequently. The integrated templates do the rest, automatically including all of the contacts, important notes, tasks and documents associated with the template.

Any file or attachment in a GreenFolders folder — from documents and images to e-mails and voice recordings — can be sent through GreenFolders Communicator. This makes it very easy for business to get critical information securely to their clients and customers. Best of all, this all happens within the GreenFolders interface, so users don’t have to leave the tool they use for other tasks in order to ensure the security of the messages they’re sending.

According to William Borghetti, Sendside’s CEO, secure communications is no longer a luxury — it’s a requirement. Borghetti cites the recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research (see below) which suggests that 1 in 20 Americans will be affected by identity theft in the upcoming year, if current trends continue. This underscores the critical importance of safe online communication in all consumer and business transactions.

“One of the great value-adds from the integration between GreenFolders and Sendside is that it automatically generates a free Sendside account for your clients,” said Borghetti. “So when your customers get a secure messages or files from your company, they can turn around and use the Sendside portal for their own secure communications with their accountants, attorneys, or other professional contacts. This ability to easily forward and manage important documents, from multiple organizations, is truly unique in the industry.”

GreenFolders Communicator is available immediately to companies using version 3.0 of the GreenFolders office management system. Users of a previous version of GreenFolders may need to upgrade to the most current version to ensure compatibility.

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