Educational Article on Title Insurance to Submit to the Media

June 9, 2011


ALTA has developed an article titled “Title Insurance Vital to Protecting Homebuyers” to help combat misconceptions in the marketplace stemming from the foreclosure paperwork issues and help explain the protections provided by title insurance. The article explains what title insurance is, the different title insurance policies, the steps taken to issue a policy, how it differs from other insurance products, how a policy can protect consumers and what questions consumers should ask before purchasing a policy.

The article can be a useful tool for members to submit to their local newspapers in order to educate consumers on the value of title insurance and the importance of purchasing an owner’s policy.

The article was written to apply to as many members as possible and can be adapted by you to reflect industry variances in your marketplace.

A Word document of the article can be downloaded here.

ALTA encourages its members to put their name on the article and include contact information and a descriptive sentence about themselves and their company. This will help establish the ALTA member as a contact for future articles from that publication.

You may want to offer some sort of “hook” to help entice the editor or reporter of the newspaper to consider your article. Consider offering a quick example of how title insurance protected an innocent homebuyer or some of the interesting items that come up in a search that must be fixed before a transaction can be completed. While the title industry isn’t glamorous or newsworthy in conventional thinking, the industry helps drive the economy by avoiding disasters, preventing losses, and assuring happy endings.

To submit the article, you will want to contact the news or content editor of the newspaper, or the reporter that covers real estate, business or the economy. Contact information for these people can usually be found on the staff directory on the newspaper’s website.

If you need help submitting the article to your newspaper, you can always contact Jeremy Yohe, ALTA’s director of communication.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or