PropertyInfo Integrates with Government Software Provider

July 7, 2011

PropertyInfo Corp. (PIC), a provider of end-to-end records management solutions, announced the successful integration of the CountyFusion software product with BS&A Software. CountyFusion is a full-service records management system offered through PIC’s Government Services Division. This integration streamlines the recording and information exchange process for government offices maintaining real estate documents and transactions.

Several Michigan Register of Deeds offices have taken advantage of CountyFusion’s BS&A integration to operate more efficiently. CountyFusion integrations with BS&A include: data export to equalization office, tax forfeiture electronic document creation and recording with the Treasurer’s office and electronic treasurer tax certification stamp.

Processes in these Register of Deeds offices have been streamlined by reducing paper handling and eliminating re-keying which minimizes errors and filing times. The benefits of this integration are available to all CountyFusion customers using BS&A or other treasurer systems. Various export/import formats such as XML and ASCII are supported by the CountyFusion system.

“The ability to record tax reversion documents electronically has improved the workflow in both my office and the treasurer’s office,” said Bambi Somerlott, Hillsdale County Register of Deeds. “Working in concert PropertyInfo and BS&A have provided Hillsdale County with the solution for the inefficient physical handling of reams of paper documents between departments. Along with marked efficiencies in workflow, there is the added bonus of improved accuracy, as fewer keystrokes equal fewer opportunities for error.”

Somerlott added that the benefits are twofold because it eliminates rekeying data already entered by a county employee and quality control and provides a fresh set of eyes reviewing this data.

“For many years the County Equalization Department has entered land transaction documents into a separate database independent of the Register of Deeds Office,” said Nick Wheeler, Hillsdale County Equalization director. “PropertyInfo created an export that extracts this data already entered by the Register of Deeds Office and allows the Equalization Department to import the data into our software database, eliminating the additional data entry process.”

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