RamQuest Adds UPS Shipping and Tracking Capabilities

July 14, 2011

RamQuest Inc., a software provider to the land title industry, announced the addition of UPS to the network of service providers on its Closing Market digital network. RamQuest’s Closing Market is an application-to-application interface that electronically connects business partners, allowing each participant to work from within their own software.

Using the UPS integration, RamQuest’s Closing Market enabled customers can streamline and simplify their shipping and tracking processes. Closing Market customers can now generate shipping labels for their UPS shipments to Buyers, Sellers and Agents associated with a file without the need to re-enter addresses, thus reducing errors and saving time. The new UPS integration can speed up shipment processing and with built in tracking let users know the location of any shipment in the UPS global network helping them to provide better customer service.

“We are excited to be able to bring UPS capabilities to our customers nationwide,” said RamQuest’s Director of Internet Services Brooks Yeager. “This is a much anticipated integration that will streamline processes and increase efficiencies by enabling title companies to ship and track their shipments without ever having to leave their application.”

This is another of the many Closing Market interfaces that enable title companies to set themselves apart in their respective markets by creating competitive advantages. By using the capability and services offered through Closing Market, title companies can more efficiently and effectively service their current customers in addition to opening doors for new opportunities.

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