Data Trace Expands Geographic Coverage

August 9, 2011

Data Trace Information Services, a provider of data services to the settlement services industry, announced the addition of property data from 18 counties to its inventory of online title plants available through the new Nazca eVTP platform.

Integrated with Data Trace in June 2011, is an enhanced platform that allows for searches of property data and title records based on the names of grantors and grantees involved in real estate transactions. The additional plant data includes property information from counties in California, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The latest geographic expansion increases the total number of title plants owned by Data Trace to 342. The Nazca eVTP platform now offers access to property information and tax data in more than 92 counties in the United States.

“Data Trace leverages its position as a leading title technology company to offer access to a continually growing geographic range of data in our title plants,” commented Robert Karraa, president of Data Trace. “The strength of our property information is evident in both the geographic breadth and historic depth of our title plant databases.”

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