Industry Urged to Speak Up About Forthcoming Laws, Regulations

October 14, 2011

With the abundance of new state and federal legislation, regulations, lobbying efforts and news reports, many are wondering where exactly everyone will end up when hundreds of new mandates are imposed on multiple industries tied to the housing market. But instead of sitting back and waiting for the government to tell you what you have to do and what your processes and procedures should look like, why not begin influencing the process and tell the government how things should be done?

October Research and the staff at Dodd Frank Update are hosting an important webinar to give industry professionals the information they need to influence lawmakers and regulatory overseers in the legislative and rulemaking process. Speak Up: How to Effectively Influence Government will air at 2 p.m. ET, Oct. 26.

“Time and time again, we hear of business owners that are overwhelmed with implementing regulations that are costly and sometimes detrimental to their business,” said Nathan Marinchick, editor of Dodd Frank Update. “Yet, in the near future, we are looking at some of the most significant reforms this country has ever seen. Sitting back and waiting for the regulations is not going to help anyone. Now is the time to state your case in front of the legislators and regulators so that when the regulations do come, you will be prepared. This Webinar can help you understand the best approaches to making your voice heard.”

October Research has recruited a national lobbyist and top compliance attorney to share information on specific things industry professionals can do and should be doing to have an effective voice on Capitol Hill and in the states. Justin Ailes, vice president of government and regulatory affairs at the American Land Title Association, and Loretta Salzano, founding partner of Franzén & Salzano PC, will cover the following topics:

  • What is the rulemaking and legislative process;
  • How can industry members get involved; and
  • What specific things should you do early in the process?
The speakers will use timely reform issues, such as mortgage disclosure reform, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform, to address the above points and talk about how to effectively influence the regulators, how to comment on a regulation and how to make a legislative impact.

It is imminent that your business will be influenced and financially affected by what is coming in the near future. But don’t wait for the final regulation before you voice your opinion about it. By then it is too late. Make your case heard now when the new laws and regulations are still being debated.

This webinar will tell you what you need to know about the rulemaking and legislative process and what you can do to influence that process, so that by the time the final regulation hits your doorstep, it makes sense to you, is good for the consumer and will come with a much more manageable implementation and compliance process. Register here or find out more about Speak Up: How to Effectively Influence Government.

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