WFG National Title Launches TitleNet

May 29, 2012

WFG National Title Insurance Co. has launched TitleNet, a national network of independent settlement services providers that will service high volumes of settlement transactions.

“TitleNet, a division of WFG National Title, is a national network of title insurance agents, lenders, and Realtors integrated through an electronic service portal allowing participants to order, receive and deliver title insurance and settlement services,” explained Joe Drum, executive vice president of WFG National Title. “The network processes residential, resale, refinance and commercial transactions, as well as loss mitigation, default and REO transactions.”

Ravi Bapodra, TitleNet’s vice president and managing director, said that TitleNet’s strength is derived from its support of independent title agencies and their clients. The network will uphold clients’ service norms and expand participants’ access to orders they might not usually receive.

“We are supporting our independent agents at what they do best,” he said. “Using top technology, we can allow our regional and local agents to employ their local experience, while participating in transactions to which they might not ordinarily have access. More important, TitleNet helps those agents seeking to grow their order counts and revenue without forcing them to make major investments. TitleNet will open many doors for local and regional agents that might otherwise have remained closed to them.”

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