Need Help Implementing Data Security Controls?

February 20, 2014

Security breaches have become common in the news. Target and Neiman Marcus were the latest targets as fraudsters hacked into computer systems and obtained millions of customer names, account numbers, PINs, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses have been compromised.

How can a title agent or abstracter protect itself and its clients’ non-public personal information? Register for ALTA’s next Agents & Abstracters Forum on March 12 in Nashville, Tenn. Register today to get information tailored to help agents and abstracters succeed.

The morning presentation will feature Christopher Gulotta, president and CEO of Real Estate Data Shield, who will address:

  • how companies can start the compliance process
  • implementing data security controls
  • developing written policies
  • conducting onsite security assessments
Looking to develop a social media strategy to grow business? During the afternoon, attendees will get to attend a session at the Social Media Summit and hear from Nobu Hata of the National Association of Realtors to learn how to target consumers and use social media to create brand loyalty. If social media is your thing, you can register and attend the Social Media Summit and hear from several experts on how to enhance your online strategy no matter the size of your company.

At the Forum, there also will be a roundtable discussion on the topics of interest, including the new integrated mortgage disclosures, Best Practices, improving the closing process, and the Affordable Care Act, to name a few.

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