GSEs Release Updated Information on Uniform Closing Dataset

August 12, 2014

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have published additional documentation to support the mortgage industry with the implementation of the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD), which is a common industry dataset that supports the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Closing Disclosure.

The documents provide information to supplement the MISMO mapping document released in March 2014, Appendix B: Closing Disclosure Mapping to the MISMO v3.3 Reference Model.

The GSEs intend to collect the UCD from lenders in the future; however, they have not yet determined the method or timeline for our data collection. The GSEs will continue to provide information and additional resources in the future.

The new supporting UCD resources include:

  • Appendix E: UCD Implementation Guide – Provides an overview of how the Closing Disclosure information is represented in the XML-format file.
  • Appendix F: UCD Sample Use Cases – Provides four sample use cases that, in conjunction with Appendix G: UCD Sample XML Files, demonstrate how a sample business transaction would be represented on the Closing Disclosure and the XML-format file that would support the use case data.
  • Appendix G: UCD Sample XML Files – Provides four sample XML-format files that, in conjunction with Appendix F: UCD Sample Use Cases, demonstrate the XML-format file that would support the use case data.
The documents are available on the Fannie Mae or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac websites.

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