ATPR Creates Product Bundles to Meet Industry Needs

February 11, 2016

Dallas-based ATPR Inc., a provider of technology based solutions for the real estate and settlement services industry, announced it will bundle related offerings into suites of products to better serve mortgage lenders and servicers. In a release, the company said the new offerings “provide mortgage originators and loan servicers with easy and affordable ways to get critical information they need to make better decisions.”

“Our intention is to maximize the value that we’re bringing to our clients, regardless of what part of the industry they are working in,” said Alok Datta, president of ATPR. “The products we’ve been offering to the Title industry for some time have been extremely well received. Now, we want to bring the same flexibility and utility to originators and servicers who need fast, low-cost access to critical real estate information. The new offerings make that possible.”

With the new offerings, lenders interested in pursuing HELOC loans, for instance, will be able to take advantage of ATPR’s SmartProp (nationwide property reports) to confirm property ownership before utilizing SmartVal (technology based broker price opinions) to verify the current property value, all quickly and affordably. The suite is available for individual properties or entire portfolios. Likewise, servicers working portfolios of non-performing loans can combine SmartProp for ownership and lien verification with SmartVal for pre-foreclosure property valuations. The company’s nationwide tax certificates (SmartTraK) and municipal lien certificates can be added to either bundle.

Datta calls these customized bundles hybrid offerings that will allow ATPR customers to save time and money while still receiving the information they need to make sound decisions. The customized product suites are available now.

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