Simplifile Expands E-recording Network in Four States

March 1, 2016

Simplifile announced it has expanded its e-recording services in seven more jurisdictions in Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri.

The new e-recording jurisdictions include: Town of Tolland, Conn.; McDonough County, Ill.; Kearny County, Kan.; Sheridan County, Kan.; Camden County, Mo.; Chariton County, Mo.; and Lafayette County, Mo.

Using Simplifile’s secure, web-based service, customers ranging from title companies to banks, attorneys, and lien filers, can now scan or upload and submit documents directly to their recorder or clerk’s offices online.

“The Town of Tolland decided to offer e-recording as a service to our customers and as a way to streamline our office,” said Tolland Town Clerk Sheila M. Bailey. “Documents can be processed the same day electronically, eliminating the costs of postage, labor, and express mail expenses. The submitters are able to keep all original documents in their possession and payments are securely deposited in the town’s account. Recording information is instantly transmitted back to the submitters reducing the amount of calls received in order to obtain recording information.”

Today, Simplifile customers can e-record in more than 1,388 counties and recording jurisdictions nationwide, including the top 20 largest counties by population.

“Having the ability to process recording fees and payments securely through Simplifile also helps to reduce payment errors and eliminate check-writing expenses,” said Simplifile President Paul Clifford. “Our e-recording service continues to bring countless cost- and time-saving benefits to all parties involved in the real estate transaction, and we’re thrilled to see our network of counties growing almost every day.”

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