National Association of Secretaries of State Launches Remote Notarization Task Force

April 19, 2016

Secretaries of State are joining forces with state notary professionals and private-sector notarization experts to announce the formation of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Remote Notarization Task Force.

The task force, which includes representation from 19 states, is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the issues and policies surrounding the adoption of remote/video notarizations amongst states.

NASS President and Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler and Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes will co-chair the task force's work.

"As digital technology evolves, remote notarizations are taking hold in states like Montana and Virginia, prompting organizations like the Uniform Law Commission to reconsider the long-held notarial principle that 'personal appearance' requires physical presence," noted Schedler. "These potential changes are important to Secretary of State offices, particularly as the NASS National Electronic Notarization Standards are set to expire in July 2016."

"While NASS currently supports e-notarizations for digital documents, our organizational standards still require signers and notaries to be in the same room," added Grimes. "In addition to reviewing the merits of physical presence versus virtual presence, state policymakers must also address the potential validity and interstate recognition of remotely e-notarized documents." 

The NASS task force will review technologies that facilitate remote notarizations, track state activity and develop possible proposals for NASS consideration.

The task force includes the following Secretaries of State:

  • Co-Chair: Tom Schedler, Louisiana 
  • Co-Chair: Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky 
  • Mark Martin, Arkansas
  • Connie Lawson, Indiana
  • Matt Dunlap, Maine
  • John Wobensmith, Maryland
  • Steve Simon, Minnesota
  • Linda McCulloch, Montana
  • Elaine Marshall, North Carolina
  • Al Jaeger, North Dakota
  • Pedro Cortés, Pennsylvania 
  • Jim Condosm Vermont

The task force will solicit input on technology and trends from a group of private sector advisors. Private sector advisors include:

  • Kathleen Butler, American Society of Notaries
  • Bill Anderson, National Notary Association
  • Adam Pase, Notarize
  • Marc Aronson, Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
  • Pem Guerry, Signix
  • Mark Ladd, Simplifile
  • Penny Reed, Wells Fargo
  • Bob Rice, World Wide Notary
  • Kal Taburra, American Association of Notaries

A full list of task force members is available on the NASS Remote Notarizations Task Force webpage.

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