Simplifile, Landtech Data Integration Streamlines E-recording Process

May 3, 2016

Simplifile, a national provider of electronic recording services has integrated with Landtech Data Corp. to improve recording efficiency and ease payment processing.

The integration allows settlement service providers using Landtech’s title production system  to submit and pay for their e-recording documents using Simplifile.

“Landtech has evolved over the last 37 years to adapt to the ever-changing title insurance industry, all the while maintaining our focus on offering customers the most efficient and advanced single-entry system on the market,” said Justin Bell, director of business development at Landtech. “Our latest integration with Simplifile is the next step in that evolution.”

Simplifile submits document to more than 1,400 counties across the United States that are home to almost 75 percent of the U.S. population.

“Since 2000, Simplifile has provided a gateway through which title companies can e-record documents and pay recording fees electronically. This process benefits settlement service providers by greatly reducing the costs of checks, mail and paper while allowing the agent to record and execute policies the same day of closing,” said Vicki DiPasquale, vice president of Sales for Simplifile. “Integration with Simplifile will not only help Landtech customers increase their recording efficiency, it will also simplify post-closing processing by allowing for automated tracking of ALTA Best Practices requirements.” 

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