Majesty Title Services Achieves Certification to ALTA Best Practices

July 19, 2016


Majesty Title Services LLC announced its re-certification of the American Land Title Association’s (ALTA) Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices.

Majesty Title completed the assessment process and attained a pass rating for all seven Pillars included in the compliance benchmarks of ALTA’s Best Practices Certification. 

Majesty Title engaged Security Compliance Associates (SCA), an ALTA Elite Provider, to perform the certification for all seven pillars, which included the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Gap Analysis and the Internal / External Systems Vulnerability Assessment for Pillar 3.

“We chose SCA because of their independence and experience in these types of assessments,” said Vincent Cassidy, Majesty Title’s chief executive officer. “In fact, SCA has delivered world-class security assessment services for hundreds of financial institutions and healthcare practices, nationwide. SCA services have exceeded federal compliance requirements for banking regulations and HIPAA compliance mandates.”

Despite a time-consuming process, Cassidy said it is important to demonstrate to lenders and Realtor his company takes protecting consumer non-public information (NPI) very serious. When Majesty Title was first certified in 2014, Cassidy said “reality suggests that all lenders will be requiring assessments and documentation from all of their Title vendors.”

“Since then, not a week goes by where lenders don’t ask for our independent certification,” he added. “Lenders will be asking for more assurances from title agencies that they can comply with industry’s Best Practices. Independent certifications will eventually become the minimum for title agencies to continue to do business with lenders and therefore be compliant.”

Cassidy noted that Bank of America recently indicated in its newsletter that while it “will not require certification at this time, this could change in the future. Settlement agents are encouraged to continue on their best practice certification path.”

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