Black Knight Launches Property Tax Estimate Solution

September 20, 2016

Black Knight Financial Services  Inc. announced the introduction of its new Tax for Loan Estimation (TLE), a solution that helps lenders and real estate professionals accurately estimate property taxes during the residential real estate loan application process. TLE provides a tax estimate and features nationwide coverage. In addition, the solution supports lender compliance with property tax tolerance rules for good-faith loan estimates under the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures rule.

TLE also provides tax bill values for new construction homes. The information provided by TLE includes property address, parcel number, current tax bill data, assessment data, escrow to collect at closing and estimated tax bill amounts.

"We understand that instant responses are valuable when making business decisions, and we also realize the challenges associated with estimating taxes on new construction homes,” said Kevin Coop, president of the Black Knight Data & Analytics division. “When developing the solution, we worked closely with clients to create a tax estimation product that delivers a positive user experience."

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