SnapClose Integrates With LodeStar’s Fee Management Solution

September 20, 2016

Cornerstone Management Solutions has partnered with  LodeStar Software Solutions to provide their Closing Cost Calculator directly from its flagship product, SnapClose Pro. The integration allows SnapClose clients to accurately calculate closing costs directly through their title production system, driving quality and efficiency in the closing process. 

“LodeStar is excited to be partnering with Cornerstone” said Jim Paolino, CEO and founder of LodeStar Software Solutions. “The disclosure of fees on the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms has been a pain point for title agents throughout the country since the implementation of TRID. This integration will drive efficiency and accuracy for SnapClose Pro users, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.”

LodeStar’s Closing Cost Calculator provides guaranteed municipal recording fees, transfer taxes and title insurance premium calculations for every residential property in the nation. The integration allows law firms and title agents to automatically calculate these fees directly from within SnapClose Pro, saving both time and the cost of missed tolerance errors on the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms.

“An important first step in our national expansion is the ability to provide premium calculations in all states,” said Kevin Tomlinson, president of Cornerstone Management Solutions. “Our integration with Lodestar’s Closing Cost Calculator delivers this as well as other closing cost calculations including recording fees and transfer taxes. High-level integrations with underwriters, vendors and service providers have been the backbone of the SnapClose Pro production platform for the past 15 years in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as Florida and the New England states. We have pioneered the concept of transactional pricing and now we look forward to expanding this low cost model into a national platform.”

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