What’s New at This Year’s Annual Convention

September 29, 2016

ALTA has revamped the schedule, retooled the curriculum, changed the layout of the exhibit hall and provided many more opportunities to give attendees of varying industry knowledge an impactful, integrated experience. Check out some of the new opportunities.

HQ LIVE: ALTA’s new registration area and the heartbeat of the convention. This area will have an upbeat and energizing personality led by ALTA staff and volunteers. This will also become our new lounge, where attendees can come to correct their records, update membership information and ask questions about ALTA.

Omnis: These sessions are where we come together to unite as one and to be inspired by industry leaders, strategic thinkers and big-name movers and shakers.

Notables: These sessions focus on timely issues and trends affecting the industry. Faculty experts will drill down on important topics, innovative ideas and business practices. (Select Notables will offer CE/CLE credit.)

Engagement Labs: These are shorter, interactive sessions that will engage the attendees and involve them directly in education conversations (interactive, tactical round-table discussions).

Encore Session: Popular Notables or Engagement Labs that reach room capacity or are a huge hit with attendees will be offered again as an Encore Session.

Faculty Hours at the Juice Bar: We’re providing a dedicated space near the Notable and Engagement Labs so education session participants can connect one-on-one with faculty and ask follow-up questions. After each Notable time slot, there will be time set aside for Faculty Hours.

Market ONE: ALTA’s new exhibit hall is designed to create energy and flow throughout the week. We are breaking down the barriers and creating an open air concept where vendors will have the opportunity to enhance their space with lounge furniture and/or food and beverages.

Market Talks: These short conversations will explore common business problems and provide tips and advice to resolve these issues.

Nourishment Hours at Market ONE: These time slots will take the place of a formal buffet style lunch. Instead we will have food stations spread throughout the hall and inside vendor areas to encourage movement and networking.

Rejuvenate at Market ONE: Afternoon breaks with activities to help keep attendees’ energy levels up and stay engaged.

View the complete schedule here.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.