North American Title Group, Affiliates Receive ALTA Best Practices Certification

October 25, 2016

HA&W LLP, a nationally-recognized tax, accounting and business consulting firm, announced that North American Title Group Inc. and its affiliates have been deemed compliant with ALTA Best Practices through the firm’s ComplianceSuccess Program.

HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program delivers independent third-party testing and assurance reporting using CPA professional standards, which provide greater assurance to lenders.

“Our choice of HA&W, a premier provider that adheres to the professional guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), was an investment of both time and money,” said Tom Fischer, CEO of North American Title Group. “Receiving this certificate is a testament to our associates and managers nationwide, who have worked very diligently to follow the policies and procedures leading to compliance with Best Practices. We know staying compliant with ALTA Best Practices is not a one-time event. We will continue for the sake of all our customers to stay abreast of regulatory changes and follow Best Practices on an everyday basis.”

Upper management buy-in on the importance of ALTA Best Practice and a dedicated internal team and task force focused on readiness and compliance were key for an efficient and effective engagement with North American Title Group, the companies said in a release.

“It was evident from the start of the engagement that North American Title Group was committed to the process of becoming compliant with ALTA Best Practices” said Lee Fields, managing director of Business Consulting Services at HA&W. “They have taken a proactive stance on overall risk management, recognizing the importance of compliance with ALTA Best Practices to their customers and lenders.”

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