SoftPro Integrates With CATIC

November 10, 2016

SoftPro announced it has integrated its business exchange platform with CATIC.

The integration with SoftPro 360 allows agents of CATIC to generate CATIC policy jackets and closing protection letters through their SoftPro software. Data is automatically transferred into the CATIC forms eliminating the need to rekey information while increasing productivity and efficiency.

“SoftPro is pleased to offer the CATIC integration to help improve speed and accuracy for our customers who are their agents,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro senior vice president of sales and marketing. “The partnership with CATIC reinforces SoftPro’s commitment to continuously seeking gains in efficiency for our customers.”

The business exchange platform allows SoftPro users to order services from third-party vendors without leaving their SoftPro workspace and eliminates their need for paper order forms, dual entry, faxes, emails and phone calls. SoftPro 360 is a free resource to all SoftPro customers.

“We are excited that the integration with SoftPro is now complete,” said James M. Czapiga, president and chief executive officer at CATIC. “This integration will allow our agents to seamlessly generate CATIC policy jackets and closing protection letters directly from the SoftPro program, thus streamlining the closing process.” 

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