Don't Let Your Competition Get the Upper Hand

November 16, 2016

Homebuyer Outreach Program Workshop | December 7 | Hyatt Sun Country Resort in San Antonio

Explaining the benefits of title insurance to consumers, real estate agents and lenders is tough. Learn how to transform your message, educate your customers and drive new business by attending the Homebuyer Outreach Program Workshop, which is scheduled from 1:00 to 5:15 p.m., Dec. 7 at the Hyatt Sun Country Resort in San Antonio. This event will be a pre-conference event for the TLTA Land Title Institute.

The program will help attendees:

  • Reach more customers using customized marketing materials
  • Reduce costs by learning advertising best practices and pitfalls
  • Communicate the benefit of owner's title insurance more effectively
  • Build better relationships with homebuyers earlier in the transaction

Speakers include:

  • Jack Rattikin III, president and CEO, Rattikin Title Company
  • Lisa Steele, executive vice president, Mother Lode Holding Company
  • Wayne Stanley, director of public affairs, American Land Title Association

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*CE, MCLE and Escrow credit available

Contact Wayne Stanley, director of public affairs at ALTA, for help with registering for this HOP Workshop by email at or call 202-296-3671 Ext. 221.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or