Fidelity National Title Group Selects ZOCCAM as Preferred Vendor

December 20, 2016

Fidelity National Financial has selected ZOCCAM, a Dallas-based technology company, as a preferred vendor for delivery of the contract and earnest money. ZOCCAM allows title companies to receive earnest money with the contract directly through a secure platform that utilizes a mobile application.

"Realtors and the consumer are the most critical parties to the transaction and they must be connected to the settlement service provider," said Ashley Cook, ZOCCAM chief executive officer and founder. "By utilizing ZOCCAM, Fidelity National Title Group and their title agents can be assured of a more efficient and secure transfer allowing gained time to focus on the relational aspects of their work."

Rick Diamond, vice president of information security for Fidelity National Financial, said the partnership demonstrates the innovation in the industry with the goal “to do more for the consumer, their Realtors and title agents, by providing efficiencies with a tool they can trust, and is easy to use.”

“ZOCCAM protects against risk, and Fidelity will continue to do everything possible to bring efficiencies to the process and make sure that we protect ourselves and protect our clients from a data security standpoint," Diamond added.

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