CoreLogic Integrates Fraud and Income Verification Solutions With LendingQB

January 18, 2018

CoreLogic’s income verification solution and fraud report are now available on the LendingQB Loan Origination System (LOS).

The CoreLogic 4506-T Direct service validates applicant information directly from the IRS. The CoreLogic 4506-T Direct service is also approved for use in Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty program, and that functionality is available to users ordering the product via LendingQB.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager is a fraud report and mitigation solution that helps identify mortgage fraud risk by pairing the information from a loan application with CoreLogic proprietary data.

“The inclusion of 4506-T Direct and LoanSafe Fraud Manager on LendingQB continues our mission of providing mortgage professionals with the most comprehensive suite of products on the most innovative platforms in the industry,” said Kevin Mullins, principal, business development for CoreLogic. “With these new integrations, LendingQB users will now be able to better streamline their workflows with an integrated end-to-end underwriting solution from CoreLogic while taking advantage of automated GSE programs like Day 1 Certainty that can help cut closing times and provide additional rep and warranty relief.”

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