General Counsel for Fidelity National Timeshare Honored With Industry Award

May 22, 2018

Amy Bellman, vice president and general counsel of Fidelity National Timeshare, was awarded the fifth annual WINspiration Award at the annual ARDA World Global Timeshare Event in Las Vegas. The WINspiration award is given to the ARDA-WIN (Women in the Industry) member who exemplifies WIN’s philosophy of being the best one can be, attracting and cultivating future industry leaders, supporting and fostering diversity and inclusion in the industry, and demonstrating a spirit of charitable giving.

Bellman was nominated for her support of industry and community philanthropic efforts, her service to WIN and ARDA on boards, task forces and other industry volunteer groups, and for her work in creating a culture of leadership development in her organization.

Bellman is a steward of the timeshare industry, representing them as chairperson of the American Bar Association Committee on Timeshare and Interval Use. She is also a member of the ARDA Meetings Committee and a proud ARDA Trustee member.

The previous recipient of the WINspiration award, Fiona Downing, senior vide president of business development and operations for RCI, presented the award to Bellman saying, “Amy is a true example of a strong female leader who not only is constantly growing, but also insistently pulling up others around her. A thinker, a worker, a wife, and a mother to two strong daughters, she embodies WINspiration.”

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