Community Closing Network’s Title Subsidiaries Achieve Certification to ALTA’s Best Practices

July 19, 2018

Community Closing Network LLC (CCN) and its subsidiary agencies, including Community Title Network, Continental Title Group, Real Estate Title & Escrow, and Homesale Settlement Services, recently obtained independent third-party certification to ALTA’s Best Practices.

CCN enlisted the assistance of national certified public accounting and management consulting firm PYA PC to perform the certification.

The decision to pursue independent certification for its subsidiary agencies was based on the company’s recognition that customer service has evolved and continues to change at a faster pace. Michael Ridgway, chief executive officer of CCN, said such an investment in the certification process shows Realtors, lenders and consumers how dedicated CCN is to the highest level of customer service, which now includes the promise of security when handling their personal information and their money.   

“We strongly believe that to be the best title service partner to real estate professionals, lenders, and consumers today, independent proof of our providing data security and compliance with ALTA Best Practices is an absolute requirement,” Ridgway said. “Self-certification is not a good enough standard for us. Proving we are truly optimized in all seven pillars of ALTA Best Practices by a nationally recognized group like PYA puts us above virtually every other title agency in our markets.”

Industry regulators have recently increased their demands for protective measures throughout title and settlement procedures. ALTA created the Best Practices Framework to help title and settlement agents prepare policies and procedures to protect lenders and consumers.

CCN chose to be certified by PYA because they are among “the most qualified firm in our industry to offer the rigorous certification process,” according to Ridgway. “We are truly committed to being the leading title provider in our markets in serving and protecting our customers,” he added. “Our mortgage-lending clients have already provided an extremely favorable response to our work with PYA; the overall rigorous certification process; and most importantly, our achieving such a high-value independent certification.”

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