SafeChain Facilitates Sale of Foreclosures in Ohio via Blockchain

September 5, 2018

SafeChain announced it successfully facilitated the sale of 36 forfeiture properties via blockchain. The transactions were completed Sept. 4 in partnership with the auditor’s office in Franklin County, Ohio.

“To have Franklin County lead the nation in blockchain adoption for real estate transactions is one of the crowning achievements of my tenure as Auditor, but this transaction is just the beginning,” Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo said. “Too often, government services are inefficient and out-of-touch with current technology, resulting in wasted tax dollars and a poor experience. The constituents of Franklin County deserve better, which is why the auditor’s office has set a goal to move 100 percent of Franklin County’s property records to blockchain and begin testing the technology to decentralize all county records and systems to create a more streamlined, efficient and secure process for delivering these services to the local community.”

The recorded properties were sold at auction by the auditor’s office. After the deeds were awarded to the winning bidders, all relevant property information was transferred to blockchain and assigned a barcode. The barcode was then attached to the deed so that the property’s information can be accessed via blockchain.

“Blockchain will transform the real estate industry. There’s no doubt about it, and the earlier entities get on board, the more they stand to gain in terms of security and efficiency,” said Tony Franco, CEO of SafeChain. “Starting with something as relatively straightforward as property transfers, blockchain creates a decentralized, near-perfect audit trail that can never be lost or stolen. Eliminating that risk opens the door to completely changing how properties are bought and sold in the U.S., and those changes will ultimately be to the consumer’s benefit, as well as the real estate industry’s as well.”

In addition to its partnership with Franklin County, SafeChain is also working with officials in Washington and Perry counties as part of a larger, state-wide push to adopt blockchain. In June 2018, Ohio state legislators signed Senate Bill 220 into law, which added blockchain as a legally-recognized electronic transaction in the state.

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