ALTA ONE Adds 'Meaning Maker' to Speaker Lineup

September 12, 2018

Are you ready to challenge yourself and make a more purposeful impact inside and outside your business?

A catalyst for transformation, Phill Nosworthy equips leaders with insights for making work and life meaningful in times of massive change. He is an executive advisor, futurist, speaker and author whose insights into personal mastery and the future of work have gained him a following among high performers in Fortune-listed companies all over the world. 

Come see Phill at ALTA ONE during the Oct. 12 Omni Session sponsored by Fidelity National, and learn how to make a difference in your life, your confidence and how you “show up!” 

Defy Convention with 1,000+ of your title insurance colleagues at ALTA ONE. Plan to challenge conventional wisdom and chart a bold new course for your business and our industry’s future! Unite with us in Los Angeles, Oct. 9-12, to harness change and find your competitive advantage.

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