Defy Convention at ALTA ONE

September 27, 2018

These are exciting and unprecedented times—not just in the title industry, but in all industries. Change is happening at an ever-increasing pace and unpredictability, bringing with it equal measures of risk and reward. Harnessing it early can provide you with an unassailable competitive advantage. The slightest hesitation can find you playing catch-up.

Each summer, ALTA’s Board of Governors meets to develop the association’s strategic priorities for the next year. This year, we’ve focused on the Our Values program, innovation, information security (including wire fraud), the customer experience, talent focus and business basics and best practices. We plan to unveil the 2019 strategic priorities during ALTA ONE (Oct. 9-12 in Los Angeles). There’s still time to join the 1,000-plus title professionals who will be attending. Register here.

Unconventional times call for unconventional solutions. And times like this call for an experience like ALTA ONE. Those attending ALTA ONE will join other industry visionaries, thought leaders and influencers charting a bold new course for our industry. At ALTA ONE, you can connect with colleagues from across the nation who are confronting the future of real estate and embracing change to raise the bar for their businesses.

Our Omni Session speakers will encourage you to challenge conventional wisdom. You’ll hear from Sekou Andrews, the world’s leading “poetic voice” as well as Doug Duncan, one of the nation’s leading economists. Innovation expert David Robertson will share strategies big brands use to grow and evolve, while executive advisor and futurist Phill Nosworthy will equip you with insights to make work and life meaningful in times of massive change. You’ll be part of something provocative and unexpected.

In addition, we have a robust lineup of education sessions where you’ll learn about the latest tech trends, rapid response plans for wire-transfer fraud, how to recognize your company’s future leaders and more.

Leading industry vendors also will be on hand in the ALTA Market ONE sharing their latest products and services to help title agents run their operations and connect with customers more efficiently. We also hope you stop by the HOP Gym to learn about all the resources ALTA provides members to explain the benefits of title insurance.

We hope those who attend ALTA ONE will get:

  • INSPIRED to lead the way into 2019 stronger, more innovative and with a renewed focus for creating impact for your customers.
  • CONNECTED with industry peers and experts who share the same vision and values, so you can empower your team and build confidence with the people you serve.
  • PREPARED with the knowledge of how to implement innovative, practical improvements across all aspects of your organization.

Our industry continues to respond to our customers’ needs. We continue to be INSPIRED, CONNECTED and PREPARED to lead by being the authority on property rights, delivering accurate, swift and secure real estate transactions and protecting our customers. Whether you’re attending ALTA ONE or not, we continue rising to the occasion and defying convention!

Steven G. Day, president of agency operations for Fidelity National Title Group, is ALTA’s 2018 president.

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