TitleTap Releases New Title Agent and Attorney Website Designs

December 4, 2018

TitleTap, a provider of law firm and title insurance website marketing tools, announced the release of new website designs specifically tuned for title agents and attorneys. 

“The market is constantly on the move and the way customers and prospects connect with information online consistently evolves,” said TitleTap CEO, Dean Collura. “This can make it very difficult for most title agents and attorneys to stay on top of the latest website design trends while also trying to manage their business.”

One of the new website design features offered is a video home page. Customers can choose from hundreds of video options to help match things such as their company theme, services provided and/or local city skyline.

In addition to the video home page options, the new website designs offer different style options and placement order.  

“The new design releases follow our guidelines to providing a semi-custom approach to product delivery enabling each customer to get their own unique look and feel when launched on our platform,” said TitleTap COO Eliot Dill. These are not cookie-cutter websites.”

Another added benefit for TitleTap customers is their Customer Loyalty Program, which awards customers with a streamlined ability to give their existing website design a face lift with a new TitleTap design every few years.

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