Nevada Division of Insurance Issues Unlawful Inducements Bulletin

January 24, 2019

The Nevada Division of Insurance in December issued a bulletin reminding the industry how the department interprets and enforces marketing practices that may violate the states rebate and inducement laws.

According to the department, the regulation (NRS 686A.130(3)) prevents a title insurer or underwritten title company from paying directly or indirectly any commission, rebate, part of its fees or charges or any other consideration as inducement or compensation for the placement of any title, escrow or other service to any of the following:

  • The insured
  • The owner, existing or prospective, of the real property
  • The lessee, existing or prospective, of the real property
  • The mortgagee, existing or prospective, of the real property
  • Any person acting as agent, representative, attorney, or employee of any of the above

The bulletin provides guidelines for the following items:

  • Title and escrow fees
  • Promotional materials
  • Other gifts
  • Advertising real property
  • Other advertising
  • Educational activities
  • Business entertainment
  • Office space
  • Real estate facilitator events
  • Third-party vendors
  • Trade associations

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