Nevada Now E-recording Statewide with Simplifile

January 31, 2019

Nevada recently became the ninth state to use the Simplifile electronic recording statewide.

Mineral County joined Nevada’s 16 other counties that e-record with Simplifile. In 2007, Carson City County became the first Nevada county to join Simplifile’s network.

“Simplifile welcomes Nevada to the growing roster of states that have embraced e-recording throughout all of their recording jurisdictions,” said Simplifile President Paul Clifford. “While e-recording is available in most major metropolitan areas, jurisdictions of all sizes can benefit tremendously from the efficiency and cost-savings e-recording provides. We commend Nevada’s commitment to improving document recording services through technology and hope this can serve as an example to jurisdictions throughout the nation.”

More than 1,887 jurisdictions nationwide e-record with Simplifile, making it the largest e-recording network in the U.S. Nevada joins Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts and Oregon in offering e-recording statewide through Simplifile.

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