WACO Title Launches Closing Trainee Program

February 28, 2019

In January, Arkansas-based WACO Title launched a Closing Agent Training Program to fulfill a job market shortage of trained closing agents.

During the one-year program, trainees master a wide range of industry specific topics, including technology training. Upon completion, the trainees become WACO closing agents in markets throughout Arkansas and Missouri. Six new closing agents have been hired from the inaugural class.

 “The need for qualified Closing Agents has always existed in the industry,” said Amanda Brumbelow, director of closing operations for WACO Title, “Traditionally, in most parts of the country, closing agents are trained by other associates by performing the daily tasks required to close a transaction. It may take several years for someone to learn the ins and outs of the closing transaction. The closing training program offers recent college graduates an opportunity to fast track their career in this industry. This was a proactive step to ensure that WACO will continue to lead the title industry in Arkansas and Missouri and continue to serve our customers with highly qualified and professional closing agents.”

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