RynohLive Integrates with Easysoft

March 13, 2019

RynohLive, a financial protection software provider, has partnered with legal software provider Easysoft.

“For over 30 years, Easysoft has been a leading legal software provider and trusted by real estate closing professionals nationwide,” said Jeanette Knight, managing director of Easysoft. “We are pleased to announce that Easysoft has partnered with RynohLive, a leader in real estate financial protection, to provide an all-encompassing user experience to our clients.”

The partnership between the two software companies provides a new solution enhancement for Easysoft’s attorney, legal professional and title agent clients nationwide via the ability to access RynohLive ‘s escrow and financial security under a single platform. This integration offers a user-friendly experience and a more efficient workflow, while remaining compliant with financial transparency standards and the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices.

“Our clients rest easier knowing that RynohLive is on the job protecting them,” said Dick Reass, RynohLive’s CEO and founder. “We’re delighted to provide Easysoft and their clients with the best possible protection.”

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