WFG Lender Services Announces Five-second Title Report

May 14, 2019

WFG Lender Services, in conjunction with its affiliated title insurance underwriter, WFG National Title Insurance Company (WFG), launched a new product that it says can process title requests within seconds by simply using the borrower’s name and the property address.

Lenders will know almost instantly the application-to-close time as well as any curative steps needed based on the results, WFG said in a release.

According to WFG, the DecisionPoint platform uses a proprietary algorithm that delivers a full, detailed title report within five seconds, alerting lenders whether the loan is “clean,” meaning it can close within a matter of days, or needs some curative measure that will take longer to rectify before a title insurance policy can be issued. As a result, lenders using DecisionPoint can better manage their loan pipelines by shifting more personnel and resources to problem loans, accelerating the title process and improving efficiency.

“By making sure a loan is good to go as early as possible, DecisionPoint allows lenders to jumpstart their underwriting process,” said Matt Slonaker, senior vice president and head of enterprise solutions sales at WFG Lender Services. “It makes the title process more efficient and saves more loans.”

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