Find Your Purpose at ALTA ONE

June 28, 2019

Headliner to Illuminate Your Core Calling at ALTA ONE

Have you found your purpose? What motivates you? What truly drives your company? (Big questions from an ALTA email, we know.) Entrepreneur, author and "ad man" Roy Spence will help ignite your "epiphany of purpose" during his keynote address at ALTA ONE.

Cofounder of GSD&M advertising and marketing agency in Austin, Texas, Spence also is cofounder and CEO of The Purpose Institute. The Purpose Institute is focused on discovering the higher calling and core values that define and shape an organization's culture and the central purpose that captures the difference an organization makes in the world. Its purpose is to help you and your business discover and fulfill your purpose.

According to Spence,

"In a company without purpose, people have no idea what they're really there to do. They often look to the competition to decide what to do rather than navigate by their own sense of what's right. With a purpose in place, an organization knows its reason for being and is driven to perform and innovate. Purpose sets you apart from the competition, authenticates your brand, inspires passion in your people and helps you achieve the impossible."

If you are ready to find your purpose, motivate your staff and achieve the unimaginable, ALTA ONE is the event for you. ALTA ONE brings strategy to life in ways that get you to tackle problems from a different perspective. The title insurance and settlement industry is shifting, which means now is your chance to think creatively and seize the opportunity to adapt. You need to embrace innovation and learn how to do it well. ALTA ONE is the event for big, ready-to-use ideas.

Don't settle for the status quo. Define your own future. Let your talents become UNBOUND at ALTA ONE.

Oct. 22-25, 2019
Austin, Texas

Don't miss your chance to stay in one of our room blocks: Space is limited!


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