Agents National Title Unveils New Production Capability

August 22, 2019

Agents National Title Insurance Company (ANTIC) announced it has developed a full-service production facility based in Winter Park, Fla., that will use a blended model to allow for scalable capacity. 

“We employ full and part-time examiners across Florida who work flex shifts and we have partnered with trusted local title examiners to assist in production,” said David Townsend NTP, president and CEO of ANTIC. “Using our proprietary software, we can allocate searches within our organization instantly.”

Townsend added that using this method frees up examiners to produce reports in a specific county or for a particular client. In addition to its examination staff, ANTIC has a curated network of title plants and courthouse searchers to facilitate searches in counties where title plants or online resources are sparse or non-existent.

The products will be available to all ANTIC agents.

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