Qualia Announces Automated Workflow Tools

October 23, 2019

Qualia announced during the 2019 ALTA ONE the launch of Dynamic Workflows, an enterprise-grade workflow automation tool for title and escrow companies. Dynamic Workflows enables title and escrow companies of all sizes to create smart tasks associated with contacts, transaction types or actions on an order; assign tasks to individuals, roles or groups; and use the power of automation to manage multiple workflows at scale.

“We created Dynamic Workflows to address the efficiency challenges that impact title and escrow companies in today’s increasingly competitive environment,” said Nate Baker, CEO of Qualia. “This new set of tools will be a competitive advantage for title and escrow companies who want to effectively scale, attract the best employees, and drive their business forward.”

Agents on Qualia report that Qualia’s existing workflows helped them move three to five times higher volumes through their systems and bring in more revenue. Dynamic Workflows builds on Qualia’s existing workflows and further increases process speed and efficiency to enable title and escrow companies of all sizes to automate their workflows and rapidly scale their teams.

Dynamic Workflows by Qualia does not require the internal engineering support that may be needed for other outdated, on-premise enterprise tools. As such, large agents can deploy faster and with less cost. Additionally, smaller title companies with fewer resources can gain access to enterprise-grade workflow automation tools.

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