DataTrace Unveils Product to Simplify Refis

October 29, 2019

DataTrace Information Services LLC recently launched a new product designed to increase efficiency in refinance transactions.

According to DataTrace, TitleIQ Streamline provides a rapid pre-screen of title orders on refinance transactions, allowing title companies to optimize production efficiency and underwriting workflow.

“Title companies today are under pressure to decrease turn times and improve bottom line performance by improving the efficiency of their production workflow,” said Robert Karraa, president of DataTrace. “With the TitleIQ Automation Suite, title companies can access a portfolio of tools designed to accelerate their business through streamlined solutions tailored to unique business requirements.”

TitleIQ Streamline uses proprietary technology to mine DataTrace’s title plants and analyzing events impacting the subject property since the previous transaction. Based on categorized findings, title companies can direct the order to their own most efficient workflows.

“TitleIQ Streamline offers our customers a unique opportunity to differentiate from their competition and build deeper relationships with their strategic refinance partners,” said Jim Portner, vice president of product and strategy at DataTrace.

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