ALTA Achieves Record Membership for 10th Consecutive Year

November 5, 2019

ALTA marked 10 consecutive years of record membership earlier this month. With 6,413 member companies, ALTA surpassed its 2018 membership record by 34 companies. ALTA’s membership has increased by almost 120 percent over the past decade.

“While ALTA staff is proud to have ushered in this incredible membership growth over the past decade, the true honor is the trust so many member companies have placed in us,” said ALTA CEO Diane Tomb. “That confidence strengthens the platform on which ALTA stands to advocate for our members’ needs. A thriving, robust membership provides ALTA the opportunity to have a bigger impact on Capitol Hill.”

“As ALTA continues to grow, we will pursue new ways to best serve our members and help them strengthen their businesses while they work to lead, protect and deliver for their clients,” Tomb continued. “We will support our members as they navigate the sweeping changes the title insurance industry is experiencing in an increasingly digital landscape. As real estate technology companies race toward an all-digital homebuying experience, our members are facing positive shifts, like remote online notarization, and negative threats, such as real estate wire fraud. ALTA members are the protectors of property rights for millions of homeowners across the country, and they are responsible for giving homeowners peace of mind. ALTA is ready to help our members prepare for the future.”

ALTA’s active, committed and diverse membership includes title insurance companies, title and settlement agents, abstracters and real estate attorneys. Most of these members are small business owners who rely on the variety of benefits and services that ALTA provides. For information on the advantages of becoming an ALTA member, click here.

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