Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud Announces RynohLive as New Partner

January 21, 2020

RynohLive recently became the latest partner of the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud to help raise awareness about mortgage closing scams and real estate wire fraud. Founded in 2019 by ALTA, the coalition provides education about the growing threat of these scams and offers tips to help consumers protect their money during the homebuying process.

“At Rynoh, fraud prevention is in our DNA,” said RynohLive CEO and Founder Richard M. Reass. “Before there was RynohLive, the real estate settlement industry standard for protecting settlement (escrow) funds was monthly account reconciliation. Today, we are proud of the progress the industry has made in adopting Rynoh as the industry standard, and we are honored to be a part of the coalition to further our mission to protect everyone involved in the real estate transaction from fraudulent activity.”

Businesses and organizations that have formed a partnership with the coalition are committed to ensuring all parties in the homebuying process are protected from this cybercrime, which can strip consumers of their money, personal data and, in some cases, homes.

“We are very happy to have RynohLive as a coalition partner,” said ALTA CEO Diane Tomb. “Fraud prevention is part of the company’s day-to-day business, and they have saved their clients millions of dollars. As an ALTA Elite Provider, they promote the highest title insurance industry standards. The coalition continues to call on more industry partners to help us prevent cyber scammers and hackers from actively stealing from consumers and capitalizing on the destruction of homebuyers’ dreams.”

Introduced in 2007, RynohLive is a patented, automated financial management and fraud prevention system optimized for the real estate settlement industry and specifically designed for modern title insurance agents. The web-based application ensures the integrity of financial transactions in any business setting. ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified, RynohLive has identified and prevented escrow theft and automated clearing house and wire fraud, stopped employee embezzlements and eliminated check fraud and disbursing errors. 

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