RamQuest Integrates With SIGNiX

February 25, 2020

RamQuest Inc. announced that its Closing Market digital network is integrated with SIGNiX. 

RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network is an application-to-application interface that integrates diverse systems and enables each participant to work from their own software. SIGNiX is a secure, online document signing solution. Together, RamQuest and SIGNiX enable mutual customers to take a step closer to a fully electronic closing by providing a secure digital signature and remote e-notary solution.

“By enabling easy adoption of digital signatures via Closing Market, RamQuest once again proves itself a technology leader, committed to better serving customers in the title industry," said Pam Guerry, SIGNiX executive vice president.

With SIGNiX, parties in a real estate transaction can sign documents on any device with an internet connection. Additionally, SIGNiX enables customers with real-time document tracking and status updates.

“The SIGNiX integration is another example of RamQuest’s continued commitment to provide our customers with technology that not only enables them to be more productive and efficient but also to differentiate themselves in the markets they serve,” said Laura Mowrer, senior vice president of product operations and business integration at RamQuest.

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