Orange Coast Title Develops App to Increase Wire Transfer Security

April 30, 2020

Orange Coast Title Company has developed a new application aimed at increasing the security of wire transfers and reduce the chance of consumer funds being stolen by criminals.

Called ClosingWires, the application provides safe communication regarding wire and banking information. Customers only need a smart phone to use the application. For customers who do not have a smart phone or choose not to use Closing Wires, Orange Coast Title will add extra security measures to verify wire information. This may cause delays, the company said in a release.   

“Orange Coast Title has always required extensive, mandatory training for all of its title and escrow personnel, and has implemented many safeguards to ward off possible threats,” said John Marconi, founder of Orange Coast Title. “This year, the company took a major step to ensure safe, reliable communication between buyer, borrower, seller and escrow. We encourage our customers to use ClosingWires for wire instructions rather than relying on an email system that can be vulnerable.”

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