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July 21, 2020

Discover What's Happening at ALTA ONE!

This year has presented some of the most abrupt and complex challenges the land title industry has experienced. But we’ve evolved and persevered. We’ve social distanced. We’ve reflected. And after the fire always comes fresh growth. ALTA ONE is the place to discover new ways to cultivate your business and succeed, even in times of crisis.

A virtual ALTA ONE brings the largest industry event to the front lines of your office, providing every employee the opportunity to flourish. ALTA ONE is the best place to be inspired, hear the most accurate industry updates and forecasts and discover the education you and your employees need to prosper.

ALTA ONE has a full slate of timely educational opportunities that can help you deal with a pandemic-rocked world. Topics include:

  • Growing a business in a virtual world
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the commercial market
  • Crisis communications
  • The remote workforce
  • Publicizing your community work

From couches to conferences rooms, ALTA ONE is the virtual adventure you need to discover ways to advance your business, sharpen your skills and empower your team. Discover more at ALTA ONE!

Oct. 6-8

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