Simplifile, DocMagic Partner to Advance Digital Closings

July 23, 2020

Simplifie and DocMagic Inc. have partnered to further digitize the closing process, including post-closing automation.

Through the partnership, loan closings done through DocMagic’s Total eClose platform can now be automatically routed to the settlement agent thorough Simplifile for electronic closing coordination. The digital lift continues beyond the closing table with integrated e-recording with participating counties. Those recorded documents and the title policy are then returned electronically along with associated recording metadata to the lender.

“This integration further streamlines the post-closing process by extending the e-closing process to include county recordings,” stated Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. “Our partnership with Simplifile provides their vast network of more than 39,000 settlement agents with easy access to DocMagic’s Total eClose services.”

Using Simplifile, agents can connect to DocMagic’s eClose-enabled lenders in one place to exchange documents, data and closing logistics. This enables them to more easily support lenders’ e-closing initiatives.

“Process consistency is key to driving eClosing adoption with lender closing teams and settlement agents, regardless of what percentage of loans qualify to be closed digitally or where individual loans fall on the digital spectrum,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile. “The combination of DocMagic’s proven eClosing technology and Simplifile’s settlement agent network creates a powerful foundation that enables lenders to scale their digital mortgage efforts as jurisdictional and investor requirements allow and capture every drop of efficiency and cost-savings possible.”

The integration with Simplifile extends automation of the process through post-closing to ensure final documents, data and fee information are returned to the lender after recording is complete, which provides lenders with greater control over the process.

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