DataTrace Unveils Market Insights Report

August 20, 2020

DataTrace Information Services LLC launched a new market insights report that provides title companies with access to industry data such as market share to help them evaluate growth opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

With extensive reporting options, MarketView’s customer query engine provides visibility into a title company’s specific areas of interest through an online user experience. Flexible delivery options, including automated report generation via email, promote efficiency, allowing users to instantly and routinely share key metrics across their organization. Trend, loan officer and title/lender intersection reports provide a competitive edge by helping to identify potential customers and maintain relationships with key partners.

“MarketView equips our clients with critical market intelligence necessary to drive strategic business decisions, adapt to changing conditions and ultimately grow their business,” said Robert Karraa, president of DataTrace. “Our best-in-class reporting helps benchmark competitive positions and identify strategic opportunities and trends in new and existing markets.”

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