WFG Direct Operations to Adopt Zoccam Virtual Courier App

September 22, 2020

WFG National Title Insurance Company’s direct operations will offer ZOCCAM technology to make contactless payment easier for customers.

ZOCCAM's patented virtual courier mobile app enables Realtors and consumers to send earnest money by connecting directly to a bank via a secure file transfer protocol. The technology eliminates the hassle of mailing or delivering checks by hand, while also mitigating the ever-present risks of fraud or loss.

"At ZOCCAM, we are passionate about transforming payments in the real estate industry to bring increased security and ease for all participants," said Ashley Cook, ZOCCAM founder and CEO. "It's no wonder Realtors love us: we're eliminating the worst part of their job, and we're continually evolving and improving to provide a better experience for our customers."

Noah Blanton, President of WFG National Title Company of Clark County, added, “The convenience and safety of contactless payment has never been more important than it is now. “ZOCCAM is another tool that WFG National Title Insurance Company can use in pursuit of our ongoing mission to take time and cost out of the real estate process for our clients and their customers."

ZOCCAM’s virtual courier mobile app is designed to alleviate the industry's reliance on in-person, web-based and ACH transactions by depositing earnest money right from any smart device.

 "The world is changing fast," Cook said. "If anything can be learned from the challenges of 2020, it's the overwhelming fact that the old way of doing things is no longer the best way of doing things. Our clients now collect earnest money for over 60 percent of all real estate purchase transactions in the United States, as that figure is continually growing."

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