AI Virtual Assistant Alanna Now ‘Speaks’ 54 Languages

January 18, 2022

Alanna, a conversational AI-powered virtual assistant for title agents, can now communicate in 54 different languages.

Alanna can engage in conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat, often for customer service or information gathering. With the enhancement, Alanna can now engage in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and multiple additional languages. Additionally, the technology can facilitate a conversation in more than two languages at the same time, where needed (including cases where three parties are engaged in the conversation using three different languages).

“At a time when homebuyer demographics are changing and LEP (Limited English Proficiency) requirements are growing at the regulatory level, title agents need to be able to communicate with clients who are not proficient with the English language,” said Hoyt Mann, co-founder and president of

Mann also noted that Alanna is “an intelligent translator.”

“One doesn’t need to request translation or activate the function, and where the integrity of the native language is still needed—such as where a street name could conceivably be ‘translated’ to something incorrect, Alanna will maintain the integrity of the conversation,” he added.

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