DataTrace Adds Over 1,000 Title Plants

January 25, 2022

DataTrace Information Services LLC added over 1,000 new geographic title plants across the United States.

This gives the company more than title plants covering 80% of the U.S. population. The new title plants leverage the latest artificial intelligence and automation technology.

“We’re committed to continually enhancing our industry leadership in the breadth and depth of title plant information as we aim to support the digital transformation of the title and settlement industry,” said Robert Karraa, president of DataTrace. “Our new plants are instantly available and their value to our customers will only grow as the historical depth of their data increases year after year.”

The investment in the new title plants almost triples the company’s county coverage.

“The new plants leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and automation technology that changes the game for property data collection going forward,” said Annette Cotton, vice president of data and client solutions at DataTrace. “These new plants have the broadest set of data attributes collected in the industry, providing the raw materials for further automated title production. As historical depth is added, these new plants will deliver even greater value to our clients. They will help us continue to provide the information, insight and confidence the industry has come to expect from DataTrace and our industry-leading network of title plants and property ownership databases.”

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