Qualia Rolls Out Automatic Ordering Feature

March 15, 2022

Qualia unveiled an automatic ordering feature into its Marketplace product. The new Marketplace feature allows title and escrow companies to automatically order closing services from participating vendors in order to eliminate hours off of their workload and materially reduce the time it takes to complete closings.  

Marketplace is Qualia's vendor management technology that title and escrow companies can use to find, order and manage the closing services they need. With automatic ordering, title & escrow agents are now able to set up rule-based automations to place closing orders, such as tax search, title search, HOA documents, and more, and assign specific vendors of their choosing.

"For title and escrow operations, centralized and automated ordering is a must-have," said Brian Thome, Qualia's vice president of customer success. "In many cases, teams are ordering the same product for the same types of transactions from the same vendors over and over again. This update to Marketplace removes the manual repetition for those users."

Automatic Ordering adds flexibility for agents to assign their vendor orders in any number of ways. This includes assigning a specific vendor to orders in a particular state, splitting set percentages of orders between vendors, or using a round-robin system so each new Marketplace order is assigned to a different vendor until each one has been assigned the same amount. For example, Marketplace users can add a rule to their own workflow to order a product such as a "Current-Owner Search Plus" from a specific vendor for all refinance orders in a particular state. If they put that rule in place, the products will be ordered automatically when that agent opens a new file that meets those conditions.

"Anything we can do to trigger things automatically, particularly during the order opening process, to make our team more efficient, is worth setting up," said Jason McCord, IT Director at Legacy Settlement Services. "Manually entering our orders can take five minutes or so per file, so for the hundreds of orders we're placing each month, this new functionality in Marketplace is going to save us hundreds of hours."

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