SoftPro Releases New Bank Wiring Application

April 5, 2022

SoftPro released a new application for sending and receiving wire transfers from within its closing and title platform, SoftPro Select.

With SoftPro Banking, users can manage wire transfers from a network of integrated banks from across the U.S. The feature allows wires to come into the appropriate ledger. The platform also allows for the initiation of wire transactions directly from SoftPro Select and, upon appropriate internal approvals, have those requests securely sent to the participating banks for processing.

“The security and integrity of funds is paramount to every real estate transaction, and SoftPro Banking streamlines the processing of both incoming and outgoing wire transfers for our customers,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “Having those funds tied directly to associated trust accounts maintains an audit trail while securely receipting and disbursing funds to and from integrated lenders.”

With SoftPro Banking a user can search incoming wires by numerous fields including the trust account, received date, amount, status, federal reference number, ledger ID and originating bank. Users can search outgoing wires by trust account, last modified date, ledger ID, amount and status where they can then perform actions such as approving or rejecting the transaction. SoftPro Banking’s security permissions allow for the designation of specific users as “approvers” for outgoing wires in addition to approval limits for those designated approvers.

SoftPro Banking is compatible with the fully customizable and configurable SoftPro Select edition of software. It is also available as a hosted solution.

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