Doma Releases DEI Impact Report

June 30, 2022

Doma Holdings Inc. released its inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Impact Report highlighting the initiatives and activities executed during the first full year of launching an official DEI function and its commitment to building an inclusive culture.

“Our commitment to diversity is engrained in our One Team cultural value and in everything we do, but I will be the first to admit that we are still at the beginning of our journey, and we must search for opportunities to improve and ensure every employee, partner and customer feels respected and valued,” said Max Simkoff, CEO of Doma. “We understand that diversity is not only essential to creating an inclusive culture, but also key to building a successful business - and this is only the beginning of what we will be able to accomplish together.”

Some of the highlights of the first report include:

  • Strategy: A DEI framework that shares how the company works to embed DEI into every aspect of the business.
  • Recognition & Respect: Celebrations of different cultures both inside and outside the company through 17 Cultural Conversations, eight Heritage Month Observances and two Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and respect of different cultures through unconscious bias trainings.
  • Community Impact: Outreach to the community through eight select, diverse partnerships such as Women Who Code, AfroTech and INROADS.

“It is important now more than ever that we prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, partners and communities where we live and work,” said Kristie King, senior director of DEI at Doma. “We are very proud of our accomplishments made in this inaugural year, but know we have a lot more to do—and this first report is our recognition that we must continue to build on the hard work we have started to ensure we are creating the most diverse and inclusive company possible. I am proud to be part of a company that understands the importance and value of DEI and supports the continuous work that needs to be done.”

Click here to access the report.

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